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An Auto Mower

Automatic lawn mowers throughout Perthshire

A lady sat reading in the sunshine of her garden while an Auto Mower moves around the lawn

Affordable and reliable

If you want the perfect lawn, but not the work, then an Automower is the answer. Our robotic lawnmowers are silent, electrically powered and fully automatic.

  • Unique cutting system  
  • Lift & tilt sensors  
  • Weatherproof  
  • No emissions  
  • PIN code lock
If you are in Pitlochry, Blairgowrie or any of the surrounding areas come along to our premises in Kinrossie and see the Automower working on our front lawn. Seeing really is believing! 
Call J.Mitchell & Co on 01821 650 211 for automatic lawn mowers throughout Perthshire, Tayside and all the surrounding areas.

Benefits of auto mowers

  • Efficiency : The Automower works unattended, cutting the grass frequently in random patterns. Small clippings fall into the lawn as fertiliser, giving you a greener lawn.

  • Safety: If the Automower is lifted or tips over, it instantly stops cutting. The blades rotate well within the outer edge of the machine.

  • Durability: The Automower is designed to be outside around the clock and to function unattended regardless of the weather. The wheels have excellent grip even on slippery surfaces and can manage rough terrain.

  • Environment: Since the Automower is powered by electricity, there are no emissions. The Automower operates silently and discreetly with low energy consumption.

  • Security: The machine is protected by an alarm and a PIN code, in the hands of a thief the Automower becomes totally worthless. You needn’t worry about leaving the Automower out at night or while you’re away.
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